Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday in GZ

Tired and going to bed, but wanted to post some pics for you all. We went
to the Liu Hua Park this morning. Then had dim sum lunch, then walked
around our hotel markets for awhile, bottle fed some fish (yes you read that
correctly), then boys went swimming, then we went to the Banana Leaf with
some other adoption families, then back to The Garden for chatting with
another family in their hotel room, then finally taxi back to our hotel
room. WHEW, are you tired yet?!?!

Tomorrow Consulate appointment and shopping with Ann-YEAH! Oh and maybe
another foot massage too ;)


Ashley said...

Dim Sum, shopping, the Garden, oh My! You are having some kind of wonderful adoption trip. OH, how I wish I could shop with you (wait, did I say that already?!). :) Love that you're having fun and being so adventerous.

Liz said...

He is so stinkin cute! So happy for you - He has a great personality and he looks like such a joy!

ronda said...

shopping with ann? don't forget to get some pearls for paige!!
what a difference in your sweet boys face from day one to today. i am loving the transformation!

Beth and Ryan said...

Hmmm, bottle feeding the fish! There are just some things that one can only do in China!

fivekidz said...

Your sons look so very happy.i wonder if you could tell me what that hand sign is that the lady is doing ?looks a bit like a gun ? I ask necause in the updated pics of my waiting daughter she also is doing it. Have a safe kourney home. Bonnie