Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oh The Questions

Just read another blog and could SO relate to his post.  Here is a snippet from the post:

Question #5. So then the final question comes. The one they have wanted to ask from the beginning, but were too afraid to. A question driven out of the inability to comprehend what they are hearing.


Great Question

Why would you do this? Why do you want to have 6 kids? Why would you have a family of 8 on purpose? Why would you take on so much? Why would you adopt 2 at the same time, especially if they are not related? Why do you want to have a family so big that you have to drive one of those big mega-vans?
The answer may seem strange. We want none of those things.
We don’t want our lives to be incredibly difficult. We never set out to have a family of 8. We never wanted kids with special needs. We don’t want to deal with surgery. We don’t want to manage wheelchairs and walkers and physical therapy. We don’t want to deal with attachment issues. We don’t want to add development delay to our list of problems.
We definitely do not want one of those huge, ugly, white vans.

LOL, love that last line there ;)  You should pop over there and read the whole thing...good stuff!

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Jeremy Statton said...

Thanks, Donna. Reading your story really encourages me.