Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day in GZ

Sorry brain is tired, so you get it bullet style today:

  • Ian gave me my first unsolicited hug this morning.  So sweet and just out of the blue as we were walking down to breakfast this morning.
  • Missing my kiddos at home like crazy
  • Still going without makeup, kinda enjoying it
  • We went out shopping or at least the guide's version of shopping (big mall, high prices) this morning with our guide.  I wasn't impressed and look forward to shopping with Ann from on Wednesday.
  • After the shopping trip, I took the wife of the other CAWLI family to Shamian Island.  She is Chinese, but was born in America.  She is very much American now, married to caucasian
  • This is her first adoption (5th child), so she wanted to visit the island
  • We did a lot of looking and chatting with what felt like old friends (shop keepers) on the island
  • Enjoyed some tea with our old Wuchuan (Faith's birth city) friend in one of the shops
  • Had lunch at Lucy's (remember it was Lisa's first trip to the island)
  • Then we stopped off at Starbucks for a little break from shopping.  Travis and I split a yummy piece of cheesecake :)  Hey, it is Mother's Day ya know!
  • We left the island and headed over to the Garden where Lisa is staying
  • I took Lisa and her husband down to the massage parlor (CJ's favorite place in China)
  • We all enjoyed our Mother's Day massages (Ian didn't want one)
  • Afterwards we went to dinner at a local Chinese food restaurant, it was very good
  • The boys and I then hailed a taxi and headed back here to the Shifu
  • We are turning in finally since we are heading out to the Safari Park tomorrow morning
Wanted to wish my moma a very Happy Mother's Day today!!  Pretty sure I got the best moma around.  I am certain that my kiddos are blessed with the best Nana in the world.  She can't wait to rottenize Ian as soon as she can ;) 


Rob said...

happy mothers day to an amazing mom!! love the first 'point'! never imagined he'd be like this so fast! prayer eh!

Shawn and Ragena said...

A hug on Mother's Day....what a blessed Gift! Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy the rest of the journey.

Sharon Ankerich said...

Happy Mother's Day sweet friend!!! XO