Friday, May 11, 2012

Muslim Market in Xi'an

Our last night in Xi'an we hit the streets and had our guide drop just me and the boys off at the open air Muslim markets.  This place is like a flea market on steroids!  Shops and vendors all selling and bargaining to your hearts desire.  Food vendors line the streets selling ALL kinds of foods (well I think it was all food???). 

Travis had a lot of fun bargaining for some of the fake Nike shirts and small souvenir type stuff.  I thought that my sister would have been in heaven here, but my husband would have said it was hell on earth-LOL.  The boys and I had a great time just having fun and taking it all in.

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Kim said...

I see Travis was quite the 'celebrity' in Ghangzhou! Miss you bunches. It seems like you have been gone forever. So glad you have a comfortable bed and air conditioning for the last week in China. Hugs.