Friday, May 11, 2012

Legend of Kobe

A few have asked who is this mystery man named Kobe and where did he come from.  I believe he was sent straight out of heaven to my son.  He really has been an angel here on earth during the entire adoption. 

I "met" Kobe through Rob (Ian's amazing advocate).  I had asked Rob if there was anyone he knew that could possibly tutor Ian in English while I waiting on the paperwork process.  Rob sent me to Kobe, and well the rest is history!

Kobe started seeing Ian every weekend for me since October of last year.  Kobe at first would go and visit Ian in the orphanage and do some simple English lessons.  Around Decemberish, Kobe was able to start taking Ian out of the orphanage on the weekends to do some things around town like eating out and just being a kid outside the orphanage.  In February Kobe was even able to take Ian to his hometown for an entire week during Chinese New Year.  Needless to say, this arrangement has been a.m.a.z.i.n.g!!

I have been getting updates and pictures every single weekend for the past 7 months of my waiting son.  This is not "normal" for a China adoption.  I have been SO very blessed to have Kobe taking care of Ian and preparing him for my arrival and the adoption.  It has made a world of difference for Ian.  He was very well aware of who I was and what is currently happening to him.  Kobe is truly a miracle.

Yes, I have been paying Kobe; however, please know that Kobe has not been doing this for the money.  He has been doing this for the "orphan", and doing this because he feels like it is part of God's work.  I don't know if Kobe realized how much he would truly fall in love with my son, but he did.  And it was oh so very hard to let him go today knowing how much he loves Ian.

The good thing is that Ian will be able to "see" Kobe on the computer via Skype.  I pray that I am able to keep in touch with this angel named Kobe.  I pray for his heart to heal from the loss of being physically together with Ian.  Kobe will always be a very special part of Ian, and for that I am so very grateful.

It was very very hard to say goodbye at the airport.  Knowing that I am taking Ian away from his homeland and from his best friend Kobe all at the same time.  We all cried the big ugly cry at the airport.  Even Travis had tears as he has really enjoyed Kobe this past week.  And to watch Kobe say goodbye to Ian for the last time...well just imagine it yourself.  I know it is for the best, but it didn't make the separation any easier.  We love you Kobe, please know that you will never be forgotten.


Kristen Chase said...

Aww. Wow.

Rob said...

that goodbye sounds so emotional. but he has you now! didn't know he spent chinese new year with kobe. so amazing the orphanage let him do that. praying for what will probably be the hardest bit of the trip.

amy said...

Oh my. this post has me bawling. So many to pray for tonight. Love you all and I pray hearts are light tonight

Ashley said...

Praying for Ian, Kobe and all of you! Know that Ian's heart will be healed soon, through the love of his new family! Hope to see that smile return soon. xoxo!

Heidi said...

poor sweet baby. Those precious tears. What a wonderful gift Kobe has been. And what a great gift that you can keep in touch even when you are home. God is soooo good!