Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday in GZ

After the medical, the boys and I ventured out on our own.  Our guide pointed us in the direction of a children's park and we were off!  Crazy yes I know, but I did have the name of the park written down and just kept stopping and asking people which direction to go.  We made it safe and sound and even managed to find a short cut back to the hotel. 

Only food we found convenient was McDs.  At least this is the first time we have eaten real food there this trip.  And hey, I had a coupon!!  Happy to have my adventurous eater Travis with me on this trip so we haven't had to eat here often.

We walked through the pet market this afternoon as well.  All kinds of animals, even ducks and squirrels and chipmunks in cages.  Sure hoping they are really being used as pets and not dinner-LOL.

For dinner, we walked to the island.  Yes, even though it was getting dark.  Had dinner at Lucy's upon Travis' request and then the boys played some at the park.  No more little shops on the island really, so we just walked around and then headed back across the bridge to our hotel.  In the dark and through all the little alleyways.  I think I have completely lost my mind ;)


K said...

You're not crazy, you're going NATIVE! You must be starting to feel at home in China now since this is your fourth trip. I'm so jealous. I wish I was there right now with you. That park in Xian looked awesome.

Amy said...

Happy Mother's Day to of 6!!!!!! Loving following you all! So glad all is going well! Hugs!