Sunday, May 6, 2012

Great Day All Around

I will post a bunch of pictures on the blog (remember that I print the blog for the kids' lifebooks).  Today was a great day here in China.  Having Kobe here has been a HUGE blessing for us and for Ian.  I told CJ that I believe we have seen more of China in one day than I have in the past trips to China-LOL. 

We have walked about 100 miles, ridden in about 6 taxis, and even took the subway today too.  We ate breakfast at hotel, then had Burger King, then noodles, then once we got Ian, we went to the mall food court for dinner. 

Let me see if I can remember where all we went today...first stop was to the store for supplies, then to other shops, next rode subway to see Juanni (a foster mom), then we had lunch with her, then went to her home for a rest.  Next we went to the market for some Ultraman toys for Ian, then back to hotel to meet our "real" guide.  Of course then we received Ian! 

Next we left hotel and went to meet Juanni again, this time at a park where we fed some fish and ducks. We walked around the park and crossed the water over some rocks.  Ian started jumping over the rocks, then next thing you know he was in the water!!  Kobe quickly stripped him down right there and squeezed the water from his shorts-too funny.  We left park and then went to the mall for dinner in the food court.  It was one big pot that you pick what goes in it, then they cook it all together and you share at the table.  Eventually we made it back here to the hotel...WHEW

Ian is doing really well.  I thought he would cry once Kobe left the hotel, but he has not.  He loves his new iPod I brought for him, and has been playing it with Travis.  We are going to go to bed soon, so I expect some tears then.  Thank you for all the prayers as they are obviously working :)


Kim said...

Great pics! You sounded sooo good! Hopefully everyone will get a good night's sleep with air conditioning! M got all the Skype stuff set up after we hung up so hopefully that will work later in the week. Talk to you in a couple of days. Hugs!!!!

Heather said...

Yay! Big hugs and prayers for you all! Welcome Ian!!

Old Oak Press said...

Awesome to see!! -Eve

Ellen and Kevin Fay said...

I have been praying for Ian all day! He is in my heart already. God bless you all. Love all the pics. xo