Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We get to keep her

Yep, we had our 6 month post adoption homestudy on Saturday and they said we can keep her! Just kidding, of course she's ours! It was actually a great visit and all 3 of my children actually behaved the entire time the social worker was there-amazing I know ;) So this is yet another paperwork hurdle passed. I am going to the agency tomorrow to get some more of the readoption paperwork processed. She's home and yet the paperchasing still hasn't ended. Oh well-she's worth every document!

Travis is playing baseball this season so here are a few pics Frank took at the game on Saturday. Of course Shelby's favorite part of baseball is Uncle Scott!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Remembering the others who wait

Let this touch your heart today. I can't imagine Shelby crying and no one coming to pick her up and comfort her. It makes me sad to know that she WAS one of these helpless infants lying in a crib at her orphanage. There are many more who still wait...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Hole Number 2

Unfortunately I am not talking about this kind...

So dissappointed :(

Field Trip Day

We had the best time yesterday at the Trader Joe's Field Trip! It was really really neat and I would highly recommend it to anyone with a small group of kids. It was my first time meeting with this FCCA Roswell Playgroup and we had a terrific time. This group is really active and usually gets together at least once a week. So I am looking forward to doing more and more activities with them in the near future. After our field trip we had a picnic and playtime at Roswell Park-FUN! Let's just say that I am really enjoying my off days :) Here are some of the pics from our fieldtrip yesterday.

Oh and can you believe that it is already time for our 6 month post adoption home study?!?! Our social worker will be visiting with us tomorrow. Needless to say I am not near as nervous about this one as I was around this time last year when we were conducting our first one. I figure our house is what it is and Shelby is obviously our daughter and happy no matter how many stains our in our carpet ;) Have a great weekend everyone!

PS: Guess who got a night night kiss last night unsolicited and straight from a little girl's healing-learning to trust again- heart?!?! MOMMY :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hope after all

We had our dr visit yesterday and yep there's a hole in there. The good news is that we are going to hope that the hole doesn't go all the way through all 3 layers of stitches and repair. Only time will tell. The trick now is to keep it from getting infected. With a hole like that there is more of a chance that food and bacteria can get stuck in there. So he gave me a prescription mouthwash that we are going to use to squirt up in there to clean out the area often. So hopefully the hole is only in the first layer, we will just have to wait and see as it heals. Shelby is still on a soft food diet for the next 3 weeks. She actually seems to be eating better now than she ever has. Her favorites at the moment are pizza and spaghetti. Don't worry we only give her soft pieces of the crust on the pizza. I am sure she is missing her chips/dip from Mexican, but since we don't go there-out of sight, out of mind. Oh and she is really missing her "NACK", Shelby's favorite snack was Golden Grahams cereal right out of the box. I have given it to her soaked in milk, but she doesn't want it that way. So maybe in about a month she will be able to have her coveted nack ;)

Here are some pics from the last week or so. Shelby had her first haircut since we have been home. She did great without any tears! We just evened her hair up around the edges a bit and the nice lady gave her a pretty braid to finish her off. Sheila of course had to complete her new look by painting her fingernails. If you want to see Shelby be quiet and still, just break out a bottle of nail polish-too cute. Oh and then we had fun at the mall on the carousel with our digit friends. And then we took Shelby bowling for the first time on Sunday. She wasn't too impressed but the boys loved it of course!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Before and After Shots

I was finally able to get some shots of Shelby's mouth this morning. As you can see she has a hole in the center but of course it is no where near the size of her "hole" before the surgery. We are off to the doctor this afternoon to see what he has to say about it. We had another good night of sleep-yeah for sleep!

Oh and happy happy birthday to my dear old dad! Oops I said old, I meant ole dad ;) My dad is certainly one of a kind. Here is a picture of him and his new motor for his canoe. Yes, I said canoe. And yes this is the motor with a trailer hitch on it, strapped to his Jeep. Remember I said my dad was one of kind, so I can't imagine having a better father :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Whole update on the hole

Yes, I discovered a small hole in her mouth on Friday afternoon. It is towards the back of her palate. On Saturday it looked to be getting bigger and bigger. However, yesterday it wasn't quite as large. It is about the size of the diameter of an ink pen. Of course I am dissappointed, but it is not unexpected considering the size of her cleft to begin with. As long as we can keep it just a hole and not a complete tear, I will be happy. We have an appointment with the dr tomorrow afternoon, so I will let you know then what he says about it. Thank you for all the kind words and letting us know you are all praying for my little one.

Shelby and I got back to the attachment basics yesterday, and I put her back in the pouch (Ergo baby carrier). We walked to the ice cream store in the pouch, around the block in the pouch, and played outside in the pouch. She really liked it and I was glad she was allowing me to be close to her again. I think it helped since she had the best sleeping night yet since the surgery-yeah! She even went to sleep without a fight or not even one hit or scratch or push :) One day at a time, and I know this too shall pass.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008


I did steal this from another blog, but it is so true for me and my life!

I'm thankful for our messy house because it means we have more than enough of everything!! The dishes in the sink are proof that our stomachs are full. The never ending laundry reminds me that we all have plenty to wear. And the crumbs needing to be swept off the floor are evidence that we are healthy enough to dash in and out of the house. The toy trail is delightful proof that this house is blessed with a 2, 5 & 8 year old!

I am only working half day and heading out to the other side of town for 3rd Friday. I also have a playdate with my digit friends this afternoon. Looking forward to a fun start to the weekend!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Progress Update

Well my little one is starting to feel better each and every day. Last night we had alot of smiles as she played with Caleb and her cousin Austin. We went to dinner and she ate alot again so that is a good thing.

Oh by the way, the other day she managed to get cheese stuck in her stitches in the very center of her palate that the doctor said would eventually "work its way out". We had given her a soft cheese stick for her school snack. So after that ordeal we were at KFC the other night and again feeding her "soft" foods, and she managed to wedge a glob of mashed potatoes and mac n cheese in the whole front part of her palate like a flat pancake of gunk up there that would not come out. I called all of my resource friends like Amy and Tina and Kathy to get their suggestions of how to get it out. Well after giving her alot to drink over and over again it was still in there. I even tried using that rubber syringe thing from the hospital to shoot water on it and nothing. So I just let her go to bed with it in there. She obviously picked at it with her tongue at night because half of it was gone by morning. I took her the next morning for breakfast where she ate a whole biscuit w/jelly and by the time that was down her everything was finally off her palate-whew! So now I see why the more liquid diet the better. I just don't know how you all do a straight liquid diet as she won't eat anything that is just plain liquids. So please keep praying that her palate will stay closed with all of these eating mishaps.

As far as Shelby's attachment issues with me we seem to be at least past the "angry" phase. That is definitely a good thing. We still aren't back to the trust level we used to be but each day I see some progress in this area. Last night for the first time in about 3 months, she actually cried for her Ahmu in China. It was so sad and it caught me by surprise. When we went to her bed she was just whining and whining but it was a different kind of whine. I kept asking her what was wrong or what did she want and she finally said Ahmu-heartbreaking. I held her and told her that her Ahmu missed her too and loved her very much. She eventually stopped crying and faded off to sleep without anger just sadness. I was really surprised but it makes perfect sense looking from the outside that she would go through this again. It is just really hard to watch your little one's heart ache for something that you can not give her :(

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Little Talker

Shelby had a good day yesterday-yeah! She went back to school and to her Nana's house and did great. We only had a couple of meltdowns last night, but nothing like we had been having. Once thing my little one is doing these days is talking more and more. She said her first "big" sentence over the last few days. She has been putting only 2 words together, but now she is saying more. So what was her first sentence...

"I don't want to!"

And believe me she has said it plenty over the last few days ;) It really cracks me up though because she says each word distinctively and seperately to make the complete statement. Her other favorite phrase is "Who's that?" which she says every time I get off the phone-too funny. I can already tell a difference in her voice since her surgery. She doesn't seem to be quite as nasally when she talks now. You can really tell it when she says hello. It used to be Hewoooo, but now it comes out more like a real Helllllo. She gets to practice this one every time she talks on the phone, which is alot :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh the Joy of S...

LEEP! We had a much better night last night so I will count that as progress-yeah! We took the kids to the aquarium yesterday to get out and about and keep everyone entertained. I also wanted to give the boys something to talk about at school that they could report on about what they did over spring break. I was afraid they would go back and just say they had to listen to their sister cry all week :( Anyway we had a good time and picked a good day to go crowd wise. I even got a smile or two out of my little one. She has such a sweet smile that I have been missing terribly all week. I can't wait until she is back to "normal" and laughing and giggly again. I am praying that each day we see a little progress. Thanks for all the support and tips and reassurance that if we were able to get her to trust us before, then we will earn her trust back again. I will go with my mantra of This too Shall Pass. Isn't she just the cutest thing when she is smiling and happy??!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Terrible Evening

Unfortunately the evening didn't get any better last night and actually took a turn for the worst. Here is a post I just posted on my boards to try to see if anyone else has experienced what we are going through with Shelby:

I have been a lurker on this board for over a year learning ALOT of great information. My daughter had palate surgery on Monday and I have a couple of questions regarding your child's attitude/bonding/attachment issues after surgery. My daughter has completely "turned" on me since the surgery. She acts just like she did while we were in China pushing me away, pinching, pushing, kicking, etc. Mainly she does this at night time trying to go to sleep. It is just the same in the sense that one minute she pushes me away, then the next she wants me to hold her close. We seem to be going through our beginning bonding/attachment phase all over again and we have been home for 5 months now. She was very upset at the hospital and felt completely betrayed by our trust in allowing this to happen to her- it was heartbreaking to watch. Have any of your children experienced this same type of behavior?

Hopefully I will get some answers soon. Shelby fought from 10-12PM last night before finally giving up and falling asleep. She was then back awake at 4AM and screamed and fought HARD for 3 straight hours. I would just lay there and let her throw her fit just not allowing her to really hurt me. I have tried holding her too which really makes her mad. I am sad that all of our hard work at bonding seems to be completely gone :( I am taking her off of her prescription meds today to see if maybe that is messing with her head. We are going to try just Tylen0l for the pain to see if that can keep the pain under control without the Hydroc0d0ne. If you have any words of wisdom, I am all ears!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

One day at a time

Well we are definately getting more sleep each and every day. Last night she even slept for a 6 hour interval-yeah! The night before it was about 4 hours but that is still good since I can give her meds when she wakes up. Shelby is pretty good as long as we are out and about keeping her mind off the pain. We stayed in a little too long this morning and also she fell and hit the back of her head on the corner of the dishwasher. So needless to say all that combined didn't make for such a great day. We got home around 5PM tonight but she cried constantly until I about had a nervous breakdown, so we left around 8PM for ice cream. By this time she was fully medicated so she ate her whole ice cream and then we came home and she insisted on pizza. So CJ let her eat some tiny pieces of pizza while I "clocked out" and sat in the chair and vegged out the rest of the evening. I was spent and couldn't do anymore today, so my man had to take over. He did a great job and now we are about to do our regular night time routine. So I am hoping for a restful evening of sleep for all of us. Heaven knows I need a recharge!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pics from the week

Here are some pics from the week. The first set is from our weekend before surgery where my little one enjoyed her favorite chips and dip at Mexican. She won't be able to have those for a long time so we had them for lunch and dinner!

Then next is a group of hospital shots before and after surgery.

Then we have some recovery shots from home. And then finally some before and after of her mouth. I know these after shots aren't very good so I will still try to get some better ones.

Hospital Details

Well let's see where to start...I will just start from the beginning entering the hospital at 7:30am on Monday morning. We arrived at the check in point where Shelby was still kind of sleepy since she slept all the way to the hospital. Once there we had a surprise visit from the youth pastor at our church! That was very thoughtful of him to come all the way down there to support us and pray some extra prayers over us before going back for surgery. So it wasn't long and we went back to prep for surgery. I have some pics of Shelby on her the Versed (drunk medicine) before going back. These are the pics of her sticking her tongue out at the camera acting silly. They rolled her back awake but she was so out of it, that she didn't care at that point. It was tough watching her go back.

Well it wasn't but about 20 minutes and the ENT came back in to tell us that the ear tube surgery went fine but that she did have alot of fluid in both ears and a bad ear infection in her right ear. That is the ear that doesn't have much hearing at all in it so she probably is so used to the infections that she doesn't even complain anymore. So now the tubes are in and we hope that will help her hearing and the infections.

So then we waited on pins and needles, but it was only about an hour and half longer and the surgeon called to say that everything went well and he was done and her palate was closed. He said that she had alot of tissue to use so he is hopeful it will stick. He also said that it went well but that Shelby sure didn't like him right now. I asked to see her asap but he said I would have to wait until they brought her down from recovery. They then gave us a room number and went quickly to get there. We waited about 10 minutes and they told us she was on her way. The nurse also said "I hear she has a temper!". Well-yes that is why I wanted to see her asap. She came in the room not happy at all but she did let me hold her and comfort her the best I could at that time.

The first thing she was mad about were the no-nos on her arms. She was thrashing around and pulling and pulling on them to get them off. I asked the nurses if I could remove them and they agreed that I could. So that gave her a little bit of relief; however, she still wasn't happy that the IV splint was on her and that we would not allow her to touch it or take it off. Once she realized that we were not going to waiver on that, she stopped trying to rip it off her hand. So we sat together with her throwing herself around and pinching and scratching and just basically trying to run from the pain and hurt. At this point she was getting morphine through her IV for pain. My dad and Sandy came to the hospital, but Shelby was so mad she didn't really even acknowledge their existence. I really don't know how long she screamed at that point but it was probably a couple of hours and then she went to sleep for about 10-20 minutes or so here and there.

We were doing the morphine in half doses so that she could get some every hour. That really didn't seem to be working to cut the pain so we then went with the full doses every hour and half to 2 hours to how ever close I could talk them into giving it to her. The nurse kept telling me that the meds by mouth usually work better so we then tried the first dose of Tylenol with Codeine. Well that was a big fat mistake. She went completely nuts on that stuff about 30 minutes after giving it to her. She was completely incoherent and out of her head and really hard to even keep her from hurting herself. It was awful to see her out of her mind. Unfortunately the boys came up to the hospital about this time and that did not go well at all for them to see her like that. She screamed at them and did not even want them to look at her or even come into her room. So CJ went ahead and left to take them home and he stayed at home all night with them. So now I was alone with my baby.

Next our wonderful new nurse Amy came on board. She of course was as helpful as could be and she soon realized like I did that we needed to do something different with medicating Shelby. Amy put in a call to our dr to get a new order on some new drugs. She was able to get approval for Hydrocodone and she was smart enough to ask for Benadryl as well to hopefully help Shelby sleep. Not many 2 years olds that I know can stay awake crying and going balistic for 18 hours straight?!

Speaking of acting crazy, this was about the time that Shelby completely turned on me. Talk about some parent rejection. Shelby was livid with me and I could tell that she felt absolutely and completely BETRAYED by her mommy. It was devastating for me. I am sure that my tired level didn't help, but I lost it as well watching my little girl so mad at me. She told me that I was not her mommy and that mommy didn't love her or anyone else for that matter. She insisted that I leave her bed and really even wanted me to leave her room. She pinched, kicked, bit, slapped, scratched, and anything else she could manage to do if I got within reaching distance. She was ANGRY! This wasn't just physical pain that she was expressing, it was also a very real emotional pain. Poor Amy got a crash course in the "parent rejection" part of adoption. I don't think she will be surprised in China if her little one does this to her. Nothing like a LIVE example to learn from. Well needless to say it was a tough tough night and Shelby finally responded to some pain relief from the Hydrocodone. We backed that up with Benadryl and finally my little girl gave up the fight and fell asleep at 6AM. Fortunately I was able to sneak into bed with her and she and I slept until 9AM.

The doctor made his rounds that morning to see if Shelby had eaten or drank enough to release us from our one night stay. Well Shelby had had a whole lot of NOTHING by that point so we were obviously in for another night courtesy of the hospital. Fortunately CJ was able to rejoin us at the hospital that day as I told him that I was spent and had to have some relief. I would strongly recommend that if you are about to experience surgery like this with your little one that if at all possible you have 2 people their at all times. It was very difficult to do everything on my own without assistance to do even the simple things like go to the bathroom! So try to have some help 24/7 if you can. Well our day got a little better one hour at a time. Shelby would of course still have frequent meltdowns, but at least she didn't hate me ALL the time. She started to drink a little bit and she was really hungry so she would try some different things but would taste something and then point to her mouth and tell me it hurt. We finally got her to drink alot of a Yoo-hoo so we decided that only one more night at the hospital would be required.

CJ went home the second night again, but Shelby and I did much better and I was able to sleep a little bit more. My mom and dad came to pick us up on Wednesday morning and we were free to go home with of course our meds in hand. Things have really picked up in the recovery area since we have been home. I decided today that we would do better out and about and AWAY from the kitchen. When we are home she stays in the kitchen alot and asks for things because she is hungry, but once she tries stuff she complains of the pain. Tonight she actually ate the most she has had since surgery and it was mac and cheese blender style. She has drank alot of the yogurt things today too so that is good. We went to the beach today and she played in the sand since that is one of her favorite things to do. Overall we had a good day today and I am hopeful tomorrow will be even better.

So that is our story in a nutshell as I promised. Thanks again for all the well wishes. It is awesome to know that we have such a great support system surrounding us.

The joy of sleep

Sleep seems to be coming back into our lives a little bit more and it seems to make a big difference. Shelby took a long nap yesterday from 4-7:30Pm. Yeah! Too bad she slept in my lap the whole time or I could have actually accomplished something, but oh well whatever works for now is what we are doing. She slept in about 4 hour intervals last night which was VERY nice since she could get more meds every time she woke up. So the good news is that she is feeling better today and we are going to venture outside the house so that we can keep her mind off the pain. As you see sleep won over blogging last night but I thought I would give everyone a quick update. She doesn't want to drink very much but she has eaten a little bit of ice cream, soup, and yogurt drinks. Oh and the coveted Wahahas that I saved for this occassion were sucked down in record speed. I so wish I had more of these little jewels. Oh well at least she had a couple to help her heal during this time. It is sad to see her try something and then just point to her mouth and cry :(

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We are home sweet home

We made it out of the hospital today around 10:30am- yeah! I am busy watching little Miss Fingers-in-the-mouth, so can't post much yet. She is feeling MUCH better today though. Will hopefully get to post the details from the last couple of days tonight. Thank you again for all the well wishes!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Shelby's Recovery

Slow Recovery:

I have just a few spare minutes while Shelby is sleeping. Needless to say this has been a rough road! She still is not eating or drinking and is still very MAD. She was awake all day yesterday until 6AM this morning once we finally got her pain a little bit relieved. She and I slept a total of 3 hours from 6-9AM. We had the best nurse ever who tried everything but my little girl does not go down without a fight. I thought the first few days in China were bad....piece of cake up next to this :( She is really dissappointed in her mommy and daddy whom she trusted to allow something like this to happen to her. It is very hard to watch especially when she is TOTALLY rejected you and not allowing you to comfort 95% of the time. After how far we had come, I am really sad to see that we may have to start over in the trust department. Well of course I will post everything in detail when I get a chance, but just wanted to keep you guys praying for us. We certainly are not out of the tough part yet. I hope for a peek at some relief for her pain soon. She is at least finally napping today and I was able to eat and nap for about an hour as well. Thank you to everyone for checking on us and all the emails and thoughts. Keep praying!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Shelby's Surgery Update

Donna reports that Shelby is recovering well from surgery, but is not too happy! She says that Shelby did fine through the surgery.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's almost time...

Well this is my last post before our big day tomorrow at CHOA. I feel like we are getting ready for China again. Crazy I know, but I have a lot of the same feeling inside as to when we were about to leave to get my baby. I am of course anxious and scared, but also kind of excited and relieved that the time has come. This surgery is just the first step in getting Shelby on the road to a normal communication path for the rest of her life. Shelby just loves to talk and talk (like her Nana) and she gets very frustrated when you don't understand what she is saying. She cracks me up wanting to talk on the phone all the time and call certain people. Every time I hang up the phone she immediately asks "Who's that?!", too funny! So I can't wait until she can speak clearly on her own where everyone can understand her.

One of the BIG things that Shelby is about to experience is the lost of her "numb numb numbing" (as I call it). This is the sucking motion that she makes with her mouth as her soothing technique. She does her numb numb numbing thing to put herself to sleep as she rubs on her blankets (or dresses as you know). The good part about not having to wear arm restraints all the time will be that hopefully she can get some relief from still being able to rub on her blankets. However, coming from someone who has about 35 years of experience in the sucking-soothing habit, I know that she is really really really going to be upset about the fact that her mouth is going to hurt and it is going to feel completely different when she tries to sooth herself by numb numb numbing. I felt so sad for her tonight as I watched her soothe herself to sleep one last time numb numb numbing away with her mouth :( Hopefully the pain I think she will have about losing this habit won't be near as bad as I think it will be. I can only hope that she finds comfort in using her blankets and of course by leaning on mom to get her through.

I was so emotional today just thinking about tomorrow. Every time someone would come up to me at church and let me know they would be praying for her, my eyes would start watering. I don't know why really since I do feel like she is going to be OK and that this is absolutely the right thing to do. I guess it just got to me all day thinking about all the people that have come to know and love on this little girl in the 5 short months that we have had her. (OH and yes today is her 5 month Gotcha Day anniversary!) I am so thankful for everyone who is praying for my little girl tomorrow. I will ask that you please continue to pray for us and for her speedy recovery. We will get to the hospital tomorrow at 7:30am and her surgery is scheduled for 9:30am. So please please PRAY for her!

The strangest part about her surgery is the weird feeling that I have that this surgery has alot to do with the fact that she is MY child. It is hard to explain, but in a lot of ways I feel like she has to endure this painful surgery because in a lot of ways this is how Shelby became part of my life. Shelby's cleft is what "identified" her for me. God put a call to my heart that I would adopt a child that was cleft affected. He made it perfectly clear to me of how to identify my daughter before I even laid my eyes on her referral picture. I knew that she would have a physical characteristic that I could not deny, and of course as you see she does. So if it weren't for her cleft, I might of "missed" her. I am so thankful that I didn't "miss" her and that God made it possible for us to find each other. So I guess I am just feeling kind of responsible for her having to endure this surgery. I know I know that that is not something I can do anything about, but that is just the way I feel. I would so take her place tomorrow in a heartbeat, but that is not the way it works. So as we move onto tomorrow, I will continue to pray for her and thank God that I can be with her every step of the way on her road to recovery. I can't wait to see her back to her sweet smiling fun loving life self soon. I know my baby will be OK and I am so thankful to have her here at home with her mommy and daddy as she goes through this experience. She also is very blessed to have everyone out there praying for her. I am amazed at how many people have told us they are praying for us and thinking of us as we get ready for tomorrow. So thank you thank you for being a special part in our lives. I wouldn't be able to get through without all of the support we have surrounding us.

I will update whenever I can while we are at the hospital. And don't forget that my blog is based on Straight talk, so that means you get the good, bad, and the UGLY. If you don't want the real stuff then I suggest you not visit for a few days. Hopefully there won't be too much ugly, but I expect there will be some. So stay tuned and please keep praying!

Oh and some of you asked about the pics below. Isn't she just beautiful?!? I was really impressed with the photos since you can do so much with them. They were taken at P0rtrait In0vations. Oh and by the way, we all get plenty of warnings about how tough jet lag is, how bad gotcha day can be, and how bad the first week home is. Well what happen to the warnings about how tough it is to decide which pictures you take home from your first professional photo sitting?!??! Yes, my wallet was taken for a ride yesterday (without warnings) but as you can see she is worth every penny :)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Looking forward to First Friday

Tonight is First Friday and I expect it to be a great evening. Tonight's topics are some tough issues but things all "expecting" parents need to hear. So looking forward to seeing everyone tonight. I am taking Shelby tomorrow to have her pictures professionally made for the first time. I am really hoping I can get a smile out of her for the camera stranger. Maybe I will have some shots for everyone on the blog this weekend. We are laying low this weekend in hopes to keep Shelby well and rested for the big day on Monday. Her surgery time is 9:30am at Scottish Rite. Please continue to pray for a successful surgery for my little one. I just came across another great detailed blog about her daughter's recent palate surgery. You can read it here if you want to get an idea of how we are going to be spending our days at the hospital. Her little girl sounds alot like Shelby and I expect about the same reactions from her. I will try to get some great pics up over the weekend. See ya!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It Takes A Village...

I started thinking the other day about how many people are involved in my everyday life as I know it today. I have been blessed and touched by so many people that it just makes my head spin to think about how many people care enough to be a part of my life and my kids' lives. I don't know how people manage without the "help" of others. My family is truly a testament of the old saying of "It takes a village to raise a child!". Maybe I am just more needy than others, but I have really been "helped" more than I ever thought possible through the last year or so. No matter how big or small the help may be, be sure to know that I truly appreciate all the help I have received and continue to receive everyday!! Here are just a few examples of those "helps" that mean the world to me in just random order as they come to me...

  • Bloggers who detail their real life experiences
  • My husband who has really handed me the dream on a silver platter
  • Adoption friends who answer their cell phone when they really don't have time for another question from a newbie
  • Boss who really gets what life is all about
  • My sister for our regular 7:30am coversations
  • Ms. Chris who really "gets" adopted kids
  • Mom who makes a daily difference in our lives
  • Lori for being the best friend ever
  • Amy who keeps me smiling and offers reassurance in the medical dept and even rearranges her schedule to help my baby girl
  • Dad who picks up whenever needed and even delivers to baseball games-on time
  • Ellen who lets me live vicariously through her next adoption
  • Sandy who remembers every event, holiday, birthday ever
  • The Chapman's for opening a whole new world to me
  • Nana who makes the best chicken and dumplings
  • Joanna who rescues Caleb from ASP on a regular basis
  • Blog readers who post comments just to keep me motivated and to know that they are still interested in our lives
  • Liz who was there when I really needed her for my mommy meltdown
  • Michael who keeps me in line with all things paper intensive or gadget involved
  • Ms. Vickie who has really taken Shelby under her wing
  • Kim who keeps me entertained on a regular basis
  • All of the people who have prayed a special prayer for my family
  • Heather who was instrumental in finding my baby girl just by sharing her story
  • Gloria who manages to rearrange her schedule every time I need her to
  • Scott who is the best baseball coach ever and who does it just because he loves his nephews
  • Lucy who was the first to follow extensively to China
  • Neighbors who treat my children like their own grandkids daily
  • Tina for taking the call from a "stranger" the day I found Shelby and who reassured me that I could do this

I am sure I missed some of you out there who really have an effect on my life. Just please know that I am so happy to have such a great village surrounding my family. I really couldn't do it without you, so THANK YOU!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Baby Dedication

We were finally able to have Shelby's Baby Dedication at the church on Sunday. She was looking too cute all dressed up in her white dress from China. All of the people who love her were there to support us and to see her on this great day. I was very touched that our pastor gave Shelby a letter that is to be opened on the day of her baptism. I can't wait for the day that Travis and Shelby come to ask Jesus to be their Lord and Savior. I was so emotional on the day Caleb accepted Christ and I am looking forward to experiencing that with my other two. It was really a great day all around and we of course enjoyed lunch at none other than... Chinese Buffet! A big thanks to everyone who came out to support my little girl. And a big thanks to everyone who will have a part in her spiritual life long journey with the Lord!!