Sunday, May 6, 2012

Monday in Xi'an

Well the night went nothing like I expected.  Ian played happily on his iPod until it was time for bed.  I gave him his night clothes and he changed right away.  I typed in google translate that we were going to go to bed and that he needed to go potty first.  All was well. 

We only have 1 king bed in the room (oh and it feels like plywood with just a sheet over it).  So we all shared the bed with Ian in the middle.  He laid down, closed his eyes, and he was out-and actually still is now.  No crying or anything all night.

I can already see that "spark" that Rob (Ian's advocate) saw in him.  Ian is still quite shy and reserved with us, but I know he will get comfortable soon.  Ian doesn't talk to us yet; however, he did say hello to CJ last night on Skype.  Pretty sure that was the first time he spoke for me all day.  Hoping today we get to hear more from him.

Kobe did say that Ian can read pretty well, happy to hear that.  He also is very smart as I can see already.  After just one visit to our room, he already knew which buttons to push on the elevator and remembered our room number.  He is just as smart as Rob said he was :)

We are waking up now and going to get ready for another adventurous day here in Xi'an.  We will go to breakfast first, then Kobe will come around 10am.  Kobe will only be with us for about 4 hours today, as I know I need to start weaning Ian from him.  We go make Ian an official Straight at 2PM this afternoon!


Amy said...

Praise God!!!!!!

Kristen Chase said...

Awesome! Keep the updates coming as you can! :)

K said...

It sounds like you are having a fantastic experience! I wish I had a friend to help my daughter like Kobe has helped Ian.