Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Night in Xi'an

After the paperwork was completed we came back to the hotel for a while.  Kobe left and then I took the boys swimming here at the hotel.  Kobe leaves every afternoon around 3pm.  Ian has no problem telling him goodbye.  No crying, no sadness at all.  It is truly amazing as I expected it to be difficult everyday, but it is no big deal to Ian. 

After swimming, we ventured out on our own again to a mall this time.  We had Subway for dinner, and of course I found McDs for dessert :)  We walked back to the hotel and were all fast asleep by 9pm.  Everyone slept all night this time except for me of course (but no worries as I don't sleep all night at home either-lol).

Everything is going incredibly well.  Travis and I are enjoying China like crazy!!  Miss my family back home, but I know they are in good hands.  Trying to soak up all we can since my husband says it will be the last trip here ;)


Sharon Ankerich said...

Yea~ whatever. LOL XO

Kristen Chase said...

These photos make me smile so much.