Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Your life is going to be a big mess."

"Your life is going to be a big mess."

Who in their right mind would ever want to hear those words? But it's true....well it's true for those who are lucky, fortunate, and brave enough to embrace and actually live a full life. I can do hard things

It's going to get strange, and uncomfortable, and sometimes a bit overwhelming.  OR, you could just settle for boring.  There's a little gray area in between those two options, but not much. 

Before my husband and I began to build our family through adoption, we traveled. We looked for stuff to do on weekends because we had time to fill.  And the truth is, back in that safe-place of no kids and no mortgage, if i had a glimpse of myself (5 years in the future) standing in a shower, fully clothed, holding a feverish child covered in...stuff... two other kids crying and calling for me..I would have hid in a closet and never stepped out of the house again.  Thank God I entered into adoption blissfully ignorant and blind to that future. Because those messy, hard moments are now yesterday's memories.  Inside jokes to tease each other with. 

Listen to me:  You can do this.  Adoption can be scary, expensive, it takes time...but that is what you have. TIME.  The average family takes 1-2 years of researching before they start down this path.  Start NOW. Pay off your debts, get in shape, gather information.  But get started.  Messy is a whole lot more fun than Boring. Trust me on that.   -- Martha (

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