Thursday, October 11, 2012

Found: Baby boy on Zhengzhou station China.

Apparently this is a common occurrence of how things are done when a child is found abandoned in China.  Wish their government was a bit easier on us Americans when we wish to "take one home" with us.  Honestly though, it is just a sad situation where families feel like they have no other choice but to abandon their child anonymously.


Steph said...

That is heartbreaking to watch. It makes me sad to think of our children being abandoned in similar situations. I know God is with them, but it still hurts to see that little guy lying there, motionless and silent, while they try to send him with someone. Poor baby! I hope the fruit vendor is a nice guy!

shelley said...

Wow...heartbreaking to know that he is just given like that. Hard to hear the guy say "dont sell him" Thanks for sharing.