Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I thought you would enjoy seeing some of Ian's progress in English and writing.  Now remember that he has only been home 5 months now.  He did this paragraph all on his own at school.  No help from the teacher at all.  The teacher told them to write a paragraph about their fossil experiment.
Here is the real translation of his writing:
"One day I found a fossil.  I take it home. I open the fossil. It is a dinosaur bone. I take it to class and showed Sean."
I think he is doing fabulous in school!!  He had an excellent report from his teacher who said that he fully participates, all the kids like him, and that she enjoys having him in the class. WOW, who'd of thought :)


Steph said...

Amazing! I'm so happy to see that he's doing well in school and loving it! Keep up the good work!

Amy said...

Oh yes! WHat sweet words to hear!Way to go Ian!!!!!

Cindy J said...

That is amazing! Way to go Ian!!

ronda said...

I could read most of that without the translation! He writes almost like an english dyslexic! So that's not too terrible! Great job!

Sally-Girl! said...

Way to go Ian!!! That is awesome!!!