Thursday, October 25, 2012

Flu-Hives-Lice OH MY!

Is it November yet?!?!?  OMGoodness has this been an insane month for my household.  I have had SO many issues going on with the kids.  We have been to doctors for flu, for hives, for ear issues, for regular checkups, and stomach bugs.  And don't forget I also enjoyed taking 5 kids to the dentist, 4 separate school conferences, early release all week long, oh and the ewwwwiest of them all…LICE.  Yeah, not been my idea of fun times let me tell ya.
Thankfully my mom has been the superhero helping me the entire month.  If it wasn't for her, I would probably be on the unemployment line by now.  Oh and of course my mom helped with the whole lice picking session.  And she even did it without wrinkling up her nose the whole time like I did-lol.  Thanks Mom you are the best!!
Needless to say, bring on November.  Surely this month of fiascos will soon be over.  Oh the joys of parenting-UGH.

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