Thursday, September 27, 2012

Uncle Wayne

My uncle Wayne is finally losing his battle with cancer.  He fought a good fight, and lived out this past year doing some things he liked to do.  Cancer is one ugly way to leave this world.  My dad is watching his little brother die,  I can't imagine the pain that brings. 

Uncle Wayne is the "fun guy"!  You know the one who always has a great funny story to tell at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  He always put a smile on everyone's face when he was in the room.  Uncle Wayne is the big techno dude you call when you want to know something about the latest technology gadget on the market.  I can still remember going to his house for our family Christmas gatherings every year.  As kids we were all in AWE of Uncle Wayne's house because he had the Atari and Commadors and even the first one ever with a Nintendo box :)  He made my kid Christmas's very memorable and fun.  Funny how I don't recall much about Santa Claus as a kid, but I certainly remember visiting my Uncle Wayne's house!

As his life comes to an end, it has certainly made me think about the "imprint" I leave on others in this life. Wayne has left the legacy of being the fun guy, the happy guy to be around.  Anyone who remembers my Uncle Wayne, will be doing it with a smile.  He is just that kind of guy.

I hope that I get to see my uncle Wayne in heaven one day.  I bet he will still have a smile on his face!  The crazy thing is that I am not really sure if Wayne chose to accept Christ into his life or not.  We never talked about it.  Sad.  I know his mother taught him about Jesus, and I hope he listened.  I hope that he made that choice to accept a future in heaven.  I know heaven woud really love hearing some of his hilarious stories.  Prayers for you Uncle Wayne as you leave this world.

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