Monday, September 10, 2012

Smaller Adoption Agency

If you want to get all fired up about "big agency" nightmares, then go read this blog about their latest issues with Great Wall.  Start with that post, and then it goes from bad to worse now that they are home.  This is why I don't ever recommend choosing a big adoption agency.  You seem to become just a number, and not a person anymore. 

When you choose a smaller agency, you get ONE person to work with directly.  This person "knows you", they get to know the way you like things done, they get to understand your heart, your family is not just a number anymore.  Once you work with one person throughout your paperwork process, you become a real live human with feelings to that person-not just a paycheck.

I will continue to recommend people choose BAAS or CAWLI for China SN adoptions.  Both Xioqing and Lillian know their stuff.  They both speak Chinese so this cuts out the middle person between your agency and the China.  You want someone who knows the entire program inside and out, and who will be your direct advocate in case of something like this family has endured.  You don't want to be just another number.  Oh and they just happen to be 2 of the least expensive agencies out there.  Low cost, personal service, direct contact with China, really hard to beat!

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