Monday, September 17, 2012

Sweet Treats

I caved and let the kids each get a "goodie" as we were leaving Six Flags yesterday. As you can see, they Were quite pleased :)

My two big boys will ride everything at the park. Shelby will ride anything that she is tall enough for, including the Mind Bender and Scream Machine! Ian rides why Shelby does, but only after some deep conversations about what the ride entails-lol.

Faith and Elise stick to the kiddie rides mostly. But Faith did branch out this weekend and ride a few new things for her including the swings and this swaying boat ride that she ride with just Ian. Elise has a love-hate thing for riding Thunder River with everyone. She is so funny and gets excited while we are in line, but then nervous when we get in the boat. She puts my hand over HER eyes-haha-yet peeks out every now and then. So funny!

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