Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Injury

Last week Ian got to experience his first trip to the urgent care doctor. We were about to leave for his tutoring, then they came running in saying Ian hurt his hand.

At first look I thought maybe it was just sore and he didn't want to move it. After full exam, his thumb really was "stuck" in this bent position. It literally would not move at all. So off to the dr we went.

After X-rays it was determined to be dislocated and not broken, thank goodness! The doctor said he was going to give two shots to numb it up and then he was going to try to "reset" it-ouch.

Once on the table and wrestling with Ian to get the first shot in the thumb....POP. We all heard it and sure enough, it popped back in place, no shots necessary-haha. It was still sore, but we left with just a splint. No cast-yeah :)

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Beth and Ryan said...

Youch! That hurts to look at!