Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Am His Mom

Today I think I really became his mom. I know I have been his mom officially for 3 months now, but honestly I really haven't "felt" much like his mom...until today.

Attaching with an older child has proved to be much different that attaching with a younger child. You see the younger kids NEED you from the very beginning. You are their source for a their basic needs like food, clothing, bathing, etc. With Ian he has been able to do most of those basic needs himself, therefore no "need" for a mom. So our attachment has been much much slower than my other adoptions. It has really felt a lot like babysitting someone else's child...until today.

Today I was his mom
Today I was his advocate
Today I fought for him
Today I was the one to meet his need
Today I actually FELT like his mom!

The incident today wasn't that grand, (I went to bat for him at his school), but the change inside of me was huge. I was the Moma bear and he was my cub. And everyone knows not to mess with a Moma bear!   Today I became his Mom.