Saturday, August 25, 2012

Big Day Minus One

Tomorrow we are having Ian's BIG birthday bash. He has never had a birthday party, so we have invited a whole bunch of folks over who helped us pray him home.

The boys were telling Ian about his party (he has no idea what to expect about a party at home), so the boys told him that lots of people were coming to his party. He asked who was coming? The boys said that "everyone was coming!". His eyes lit up with glee and then he asked, "Bible school china friend coming too?". His face was so excited, and then he even remembered his name, "Rob coming to me party tomorrow?"

Sadly I had to answer, no Ian he wishes he could come but Rob won't be here tomorrow. Deflated he simply said, "OK". And we then started naming some other people who would get to be here.

The ironic part is that without Rob, Ian would not be having a party this year. Oh how we wish Rob (Ian's advocate from Bring Me Hope) could be here to spend the day with us. Rob lives in Ireland. I hope he knows how much he stills means to Ian. We are forever grateful to our missing guest :)


Sharon Ankerich said...

That is just too sweet!!! Wish we were coming but just have to beat church. Our pastor's last day. Thinking about you all!!! Xoxo

Briana's Mom said...

Wish we could celebrate with your sweet boy! I am so sorry we can't make it today. I know he will have a wonderful time and will be surrounded by love. I look forward to meeting him soon!

Caroline said...

Happy birthday Ian from Ireland! We hope you have a wonderful day surrounded by people who love you! We too wish Rob could be there.... maybe one day! Love and prayers for all of you from Ireland XXXX

Ellen and Kevin Fay said...

Donna: We wish we could have been there! Kevin just returned home at 2:00 and we haven't seen him almost the whole week. Our prayers are with you all. xoxoxo Ellen