Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Miracles

There have been so so many "little" things during this adoption that have really made my head spin.  Honestly, every single one reminded me that God has got this!  I wanted to document and try to remember all the times I have seen God show up in our process to Ian.  Here are a few that come to mind today:

  • A teenager in Ireland with a true heart of gold determined to find Ian a family
  • Another teenager here in America willing to help find Ian a family
  • An adoptive mother (Kelly) able to use her writing and blogging skills to help find Ian a home
  • Seeing the video for the first time, my heart skipped a beat literally- I had to catch my breath
  • Realizing that this was just one random child in China, how would I ever find his adoption file?  Within 30 minutes, it was in my inbox.
  • I refused to think it was possible.  Too crazy to even consider.  Then that night, I simply clicked around from my regular blogs here and there.  I landed on a page that had Kelly's full name as a testimony at the bottom of this random jewerly page.  Again, reminded of Ian.
  • Knowing that we had no extra money until we received tax credit back the next year for Elise's adoption, costs were a big concern.  After just 2 emails, I found  a new adoption agency-CAWLI- that was willing to reduce their fees by $5,000.
  • Called the USCIS to discover that indeed my "loophole" I discovered to speed up the process and delay extra fees, was indeed legal and allowable.
  • CJ's schedule freeing up the very next day and he called to take me to lunch. Very rare event.
  • The heavy feeling on my heart that Ian was my son, even when nothing made logical sense.
  • CJ's miraculous sign from his little old lady tow.  He kicked that door wide open!
  • CJ agreeing that Ian should be our son.
  • After having a doctor review his file, discovered that his very scary "special need" on his paperwork, wasn't so scary after all
  • Locking his file from the shared list even though he was being advocated for in many places
  • Given permission from China to use my current social worker, even though the rules had recently changed in China adoptions.  This saved me about $3K and 2 months of time.
  • My agency allowing me to use my current 797, saved me another month of time.
  • The teenager in Ireland sending me Kobe's contact information
  • Kobe agreeing to visit my son every weekend for 6 months until I get to him
  • Receiving a Skype video call from my son on Christmas Day
  • Getting weekly updates on how Ian is doing and how his heart is slowing being changed
  • Ian going to church in China!
  • Every single dime paid in full throughout the adoption process.  Literally every time a payment was due, the money was there. (Thank you to all who donated)
  • Not being audited by the IRS for Elise's refund.  About 90% of adopting tax returns are audited, delaying the refund. 
  • Receiving our tax refund just in time to pay ALL our travel expenses
  • Getting to go to China in perfect timing...right after CRCTs and we will be home just in time for Ian to get to stay home for 2 months before having to go off to school
I am sure I am leaving out a few more of Ian's miracles, so I will just come back and update as I think of them.  So so many times, I am reminded that yes indeed...GOD has got this!!


Sharon Ankerich said...

God is SO good all the time, especially when HE is number one in our hearts!!! XO

Beth and Ryan said...

Love it!

Shawn and Ragena said...

Thanks for the reminders that He still performs miracles and equips those He calls providing EVERY need!

Lennah and Delylah's mom said...

Trusting God is so awesome. I truly believe he leads us where we need to be led.

Sherry Patton said...

I loved reading all your miracles to Ian! I love when God kicks the doors open. :) As our waiting son is also in Xi'an, I will be following your trip to China closely. Lord continue to kick every door open to Ian and back.