Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ian's Story (the Finale)

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So as you may recall, Sunday night came and went…nothing.

Come Monday morning I decided to text CJ and I told him that obviously God had not laid it on his heart to adopt Ian, as I had felt it in my heart.  I told CJ that the easiest thing to do would be to just drop the idea, and find Ian a family.  CJ replied, “The easiest thing isn’t always the right thing to do.”

Even with that, I told CJ it was too much for me to keep dwelling on, so I would just start trying to find him a new family. Even though I felt as all the doors were being KICKED wide open, maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. 
I let CJ know that I was in no way mad at him, I was truly just mad at God at that point for putting Ian on my heart so heavily.  I wondered why in the world God would do that to me…maybe it was just to find him another family. So I started the search, even here on my own blog.

It was a long day, but I moved on the best I could.  We made no mention of Ian the rest of the day, night, or the next morning.  But then it came, THE text…

“Bring home the paperwork and show me where to sign”

Just out of the blue, that was the text I received from CJ about 1pm the next day.  Obviously I was shaking at this point wondering what in the world?!  I call him and it is apparent that something has just happened to CJ.  He starts with, “You are not going to believe this tow I just went on!”

He goes on with the story.  He took a call from an 80 year old woman (who just so happened to have been his very first random customer months back).  CJ went to pick her up and this time the lady decided CJ was “safe” enough for her to ride in the cab of the truck with him.  The first tow, she had her friend drive behind the tow truck since she didn’t want to get in the truck with a strange man ;)

Anyhow, while inside the truck she goes on and on about why she doesn’t understand why her car broke down since she just had it fixed (last time CJ towed her).  This woman was on her way to her ladies Bible study when her car broke down.  The lady starts asking CJ about his family/kids/etc.  CJ mentions to her that we have 5 kids and that the girls were from China.  The lady pipes up to say how her son in law is Asian too, and she goes on and on about her daughter traveling to Asia etc.  Then she asks CJ if we are traveling to China again anytime soon?

Well CJ tells her that it is funny she asks.  CJ briefly mentions to the lady about Ian and that we were talking about bringing him home.  The lady turns and looks CJ straight in the face and says, “Well sometimes you know sometimes God closes doors, sometimes He opens them, and sometimes...


Yes, this verbage came right out of an 80 year old woman’s mouth.  The exact same words I had been using all along to describe this journey to Ian.  The woman then tells CJ that this must be the reason her car broke down, for her to be able tell CJ to go and get this little boy from the orphanage.  She was insistent that CJ know that she felt that this little boy was his son, and as CJ dropped her car off she said again… “Now you better go get that little boy, don't you tell God no!”
And so it was, Xiaofeng became Ian Straight :)


Vuong and Steph said...

Wowee! What an awesome, awesome story!! Thanks for making cry at lunch, in public!!

La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

My word. Such a God story! Love how we serve a God who is in the details!

Angela said...

When you know, you just KNOW, don't you! I can so relate. Funny how the husbands are always the last to figure it out, isn't it? But I guess we should be grateful that they do get there eventually. Jamie laughs and says he will never in his life say NEVER again, since Callie is so clearly meant to be here. Can't wait to see Ian right where he belongs as well.

Angie said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing.

Christine said...

Such a wonderful story! A treasure for life.

K said...

I am so happy for you and your family. God sure makes it plain and clear when we take the time to listen and pay attention to His promptings.

Tawni said...

Found your blog through RQ...incredible story! Brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes He does kick the door wide open (love that line!).

Heidi said...

I never read your story for Ian before...AWESOME! LOVE IT!!!!

Brian & Amy said...

Same woman, Kelly R, has given us a file of a boy she'd been advocating for. God must love to work through wives...and the hubbies must often follow along after us b/c that's what is going on here. I just read this and burst into tears of joy--for you, for CJ, for Ian!! And...for me, little boy blue and my man. God! You are crazy passionate for the orphan!!!

Dana said...

Wow - that made me laugh and cry at the same time. Thank you soooo much for sharing it.