Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Straight Towing Success

A lot of folks have asked how CJ's new job is going. It is going great! CJ is home WAY more than he has ever been, and believe it or not-that is a good thing! We are almost like a normal family now (well as normal as a family of almost 8 could be). We actually eat dinner all together, get the kids off to their 4 different schools together, we even actually spend time together as a couple too.
Amazing I know. Oh and yes, he is even making money.

Here are a few pics of CJ hard at work. See he can haul anything! Don't forget we could use your business too. If you ever need his services, just give me or him a call at 770-591-0557. Remember...

Now you have a friend in the Towing Business

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