Thursday, October 20, 2011

More of Ian's Story (Part 2)

If you missed Part 1 click here to read first.

So one by one the doors were opening, I mean being kicked open one after another.  But adopting an 8 year old boy?!?  That just sounds crazy. 

I decided I would not think about him anymore.  Too risky, too expensive, too hard, too ridiculous to consider a sixth child, too much work.

God had already made the decision.

Late that evening I was cruising my blogs and stumbled upon this post.  So it looked interesting and I clicked around to this page.  I came to the bottom of the page and staring back at me was the lady, Kelly Raudenbush, who had sent me Xiaofeng’s file 15 hours earlier.  Coincidence or a whisper?

The next day, CJ came to take me to lunch.  I couldn’t get Xiaofeng off my mind, so I knew I had to just tell CJ about him.  I started with, “Don’t say anything, just listen to the whole story.”  I rattled off about everything going on in my head and how the doors were opening, and actually I kept using the phrase the doors were being kicked open one by one. 

We both agreed to just simply pray and think about it over the weekend, and that we would talk Sunday night.

Sunday night came and went…nothing.

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