Thursday, December 29, 2011

Won't Be Easy

There is another family currently adopting an 11 year old from Ian's orphanage right now in China.  As you can read on their blog here, things aren't so easy.  I don't expect things to be easy when we get there for Ian either. 
Ian also does NOT want to be adopted or move to America.  Who would really?  Think about putting yourself in his 8 year old brain.  Why on earth would you want to agree to go with people you have never met, to go to a far away country you have never seen?  It would be like me telling Travis that next month someone is coming to get you to move you to Australia.  You won't ever see us (like Ian's nannys), or your home (Ian's orphanage), or your brothers and sisters (Ian's friends) ever again, but you will have a better life, we promise.  WHAT?!?!

I would hope that Travis or Ian wouldn't just agree to go.  This tells me that Ian does have feelings and true emotions and connections there at the orphanage.  Unfortunately a lot of kids who are raised inside an orphanage, don't have emotions-ANY emotion.  I would much rather see Ian "feeling" right now, than not to "feel".  This tells me that there is hope that one day Ian will be able to feel our love for him, and maybe even Ian feel love for us :)

No, it won't be easy.  It will take work.  There will be a lot of tears shed (from everyone).  But I have faith that God didn't send me on this journey to fail.  Praying for wisdom when the time comes to finally meet my son.

"God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called" 

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Sally-Girl! said...

Praying right along with you through your entire journey!!!

It will all be fine!!!