Friday, December 2, 2011

He Knows

Kobe decided to go ahead and tell Ian last weekend that indeed he will be adopted next year.  Kobe told him that he does have a mother.  Ian said that no he didn't because he didn't know who she was.  Kobe assured him that he does, and that I am doing all the paperwork to adopt him.  Ian accepted that and kind of just shook his head OK.
Hoping and praying that he takes this information into his heart and starts to really believe that he does have a mother.  I hope he starts to process this and comes to happy place knowing that soon he will indeed meet his forever mother.

Kobe hasn't yet told him about all his brothers and sisters, and of course his father.  One day at a time...


Sally-Girl! said...

Oh he is going to do great!! He is getting so much more preparation than most of our kids got!!! Thank goodness for Kobe and thank goodness for you saying YES!!!

Wright Family said...

Donna, I just saw your post on Jean's blog ands came over to see yours. Our son,Simon,11, is also in Xian and Kobe contacted us and has spoken to him. He told us he is teaching English to a boy named Ian. I guess that is your son! Perhaps our sons know each other. We wil travel to pick up Simon in just a few weeks. We live up the road from you in Franklin, NC and a couple of my older kids live in Atlanta so we get there quite a bit.Perhaps the boys would like to see each other sometime. .....Catherine