Saturday, December 3, 2011

Process Changes

Since most of my adoption peeps read my blog, I thought I would just go ahead and post here some of the recent China changes that the CCAA made to the process.  And for all you non-adoptive folks, have a moment of pity for us doing all this ridiculous paperwork ;)

For families who have not yet started their home study process or who anticipate having their dossier submitted to China after October 1, 2011, the following are new requirements:
• All home studies and post placement reports must be completed by Hague accredited agencies only
• There must be four face–to-face meetings with a social worker
• Families must have at least three reference letters sent directly to the home study agency. If the applicants have a child over the age of 18, it is preferred that the adult child write one of the letters, covering his/her relationship with parents, evaluation of their merits and shortcomings, discipline and any family violence or maltreatment or reason to believe the parents are not suitable to adopt a child. If the parents have children in school, it is preferred that one letter be written by a teacher.
• Families with a history of receiving counseling, with a history of alcohol problems, mental health issues or abuse of any kind, or other reasons which the social worker deems necessary, are required to have a professional psychological evaluation
• Pre-adoptive education must be a total of 12 hours or more

For all families receiving their Travel Approval after August 1, 2011, the following new requirements regarding post placement reports will apply:
• All post placement reports must be completed by Hague accredited agencies
• Reports must be prepared at one month, six months, twelve months, two years, three years and five years after adoption
• For adoptees who are close to fourteen years old at adoption, reports are required following the above format until the adoptee turns 18 years old
• Reports due at two, three and five years after adoption should include doctor reports and school evaluations and if applicable, a short essay by the adoptee describing their everyday life if he/she is at least 10 years old
• Each post placement report must include at least eight photos of the child

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Steph said...

Whew! Thankfully, our HS agency knew about all of this stuff, so this isn't a surprise to me.

But, geez! Can they make us jump through any more hoops RINGED WITH FIRE??

Welcome to the circus called International Adoption!