Monday, December 10, 2012

Secret Surprise Santa

The kids had a HUGE treat yesterday at the house. We had all started building our annual gingerbread houses, when out of the blue in walked Jolly Ole St. Nick himself! Yes, Santa said he was flying by and smelled the candy and heard the giggles, he just had to stop in to join the fun.

Elise was the first to dart out of her chair and run to see him.
All the kids were SO excited!  Santa stayed and talked to all the kids individually.  Asking them lots of questions and just chatting it up with Santa.


Then he gathered everyone around to remind them the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus' birthday!!

It was a very special day that I hope lives forever in the heart of my kids :)

A huge thank you goes out to Santa for reminding my kiddos how very special they really are.

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