Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Angel and Donkey

The littles had their Happy Birthday Jesus performance at school
yesterday. SO incredible to watch my little ones up on stage doing all
the fun things littles do during their first performances... the smiles,
the shy grin, the excessive waving at mommy-lol. I have to admit that my
heart swells watching these babies up there singing their little hearts out.

My mind always wonders back to China during these times, remembering "what
could have been". They could still be sitting in China without a mommy to watch them blossom and sing with pride. They could still be just a number, a mouth to feed in a room full of orphans, just another ORPHAN. But no, they are no longer an orphans, they are my precious daughters. Oh how thankful I am to get to be their mommy!

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