Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I received our official NVC letter today announcing that indeed we have been cabled!!  I know this is adoption speak, so thought I would copy and paste from www.china-adoption-online.com what this means:

The in-China rep will take the NVC letter to the US Embassy in Guangzhou along with your DS-230 application and Parental LOA. The US Embassy only allows representatives to drop off the paperwork on certain days.

Why is my paperwork going to the consulate?
The consulate needs to review your new child's visa application (the DS-230), make sure it meets the qualifications for an immigrant visa, and then signs off that everything is in order for the adoption to be completed. This is called the Article 5 letter. You cannot obtain custody of your child until the Article 5 letter is issued! The consulate takes a standard two weeks to complete this process. If your paperwork is dropped off on a Monday, it will be picked up from the consulate by your agency rep two Mondays later. Once it's picked up from the consulate, it will be delivered directly to the CCAA for Travel Approval!

This is officially the last step in the paperwork that I have any control over.  (Not like I really had control at any time but this momma can think she did ;)  So now my paperwork should be forwarded to the final destination in China in exactly 2 weeks.  From there we will await our final travel approval!!!!

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K said...

Yay!!! One more step down! I think this I-800 process is cruel, making you wait sooo long. I much prefer the I-600 process and hope the I-800 process gets to be more streamlined in the future. It's bad enough waiting for a referral of a child you haven't seen yet, but once you have PA for your child, it's an agonizing wait, isn't it!