Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Big Performance

The big performance day is coming for my son.  His whole class has been practicing and rehearsing for the big day this Friday. All the kids are very excited to finally reach the big day when all their hardwork will finally be revealed.  They have learned new songs, practiced a few new little "dances", and even learned some new poems to recite at the big event.  Finally the big day is coming!

They will all line up on the stage together to perform for their
proud parents,
doting grandparents
little sisters,
big brothers

You see my son I am talking about is Ian.  Unfortunately this is his reality-no one there for him.

Every year the orphanage kids "get ready" for the big Chinese New Year celebration.  Their celebration will be this coming weekend.  No one is there to cheer them on, to tell them how great they looked, to take picture after picture of their big day, or to give them a big hug afterwards telling each of them how proud of them they are are.  THEY HAVE NO ONE!

How sad it is to realize that this is their reality, my son's reality for the past 8 years.  It breaks my heart to truly let myself think about it, and it should break yours too :(

If you want to know how to be there for a child, drop me an email to learn more about adoption.


Sharon Ankerich said...

Happy ending~ he has a mama that is on her way!!! XOXO

Amy said...

Ok, I am already emotional enough right now...thanks! I have a feeling I may leave that orphanage with a boat load of kids....heaven help me!!!!