Monday, January 9, 2012

62 Days and STILL Counting

I tried to be patient at least up to the 60 day mark.  Well now, we are at day 62 waiting for our LOA (Letter of Approval) to adopt Ian.  Unfortunately the "averages" right now are all over the board from 50 to even 120 days of waiting for LOA.  Hoping and praying it comes SOON, as I am not a patient waiter.  The LOA wait seems to be the hardest for me since there is absolutely nothing I can do about this wait.  At least with the next few "waits", they are fairly predictable and I at least know a few tricks to speed them along. But for now, all I can do is wait........................UGH


Sharon Ankerich said...

Makes me crazy to think of those long waits! and you are looking a little skinny. :)

K said...

Ugh, what is taking so long? I waited 4 weeks for mine, last year, and that was pretty long back then.

Amy said...

I feel your pain!!!