Wednesday, July 20, 2011

O Happy Day

We had a great little party for Faith's birthday.  I only invited family and just a couple of friends to have a low key celebration for our girl.  This was Faith's first real birthday "party", since the past 2 years we have been on vacation during her birthday. (Don't worry we have always celebrated her birthday, just not with a party.)  Anyhow here is how it went down...

Started out with a little dancing

A little bouncing (scored this jewel for $50 at a yard sale!)

Some yummy pizza eating

Faith's favorite "cake", all you can eat candy toppings


For Faith's BIG tub of ice cream "cake"!!
Ended by her very own sleepover with her favorite aunt!
Perfect day celebrating our one and only perfect Faith :)


China Dreams said...

Looks like everybody had a good time!


Sharon Ankerich said...

Happy birthday sweet big girls Faith!!! Loved seeing your party!!