Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Maggie Day

I have to tell this awesome story about how I came to know Belinda.  My friend Stephanie who was about to go get Parker had a baby shower back in August of 2010.  On the very day of the shower, Stephanie was at the $1 store (of all places) picking up some last minute items for her shower that afternoon.  She casually ran into a woman who had a Chinese daughter, so she stopped to chat with her about her upcoming adoption.  Now she had never met this woman before.

Well this woman mentioned to Stephanie that she and her husband were really thinking about adopting again, but they really had no idea about what agency to use and how to go about the process since it had been a while since they had adopted.  So Stephanie casually invited her to come to her house that very day for the shower to meet ME :)  Amazingly enough, that woman (who is Belinda) took Stephanie's offer and came to the baby shower to talk to me.  Well...

I proudly introduce you to little Miss Maggie!!


China Dreams said...

You completely lost me with the story but Maggie is a sweetheart :)


syeds said...

This story has same situation what i had last week on my friend's Baby Shower Invitations