Friday, January 4, 2013

Better Than Santa's Visit

Look who is coming to town!!  Yes, remember Rob from this post here?  Rob is Ian's original advocate who fell in love with Ian at Bring Me Hope's summer camp in 2011.  Well guess who's in town here in the US, all the way from Ireland-ROB.  He has been attending the Passion Conference in Atlanta this week.  I am headed to get him this afternoon.  He will get spend this weekend with us-yahoo :)


Ciara Molloy said...

Have an awesome time!! Make sure you take lots of pictures cause Rob will probably forget! :P

Steve and Darcy said...

Now that is COOL!! Have a great weekend with Rob...he sounds like a great guy! What a blessing for him to be there to see you guys!!

Steph said...

Very cool! I'll bet Ian was excited to see him again!